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48. Graph the function h(x] = x — 4. Compare the graph with the graph of/(-Y)=,V. •y-I r~3 Write an equation in slope-intercept form of the line with the given characteristics. 49. slope 3;y-intercept 5 51. passes through (3, 2) -.*-. p^.^i,^,^..,., ^_.- --and (—5, ~S) passes through (2,2) 53. Write an equation in standard form of the ... Now we graph those points on an x-y coordinate grid. We see that these points are part of a straight line. We can connect the dots. Every ordered pair on the line makes the equation y=-4x TRUE. Every ordered pair off that line makes the equation FALSE. If you have questions about the solution, feel free to email. Mrs. Figgy ...

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Jun 30, 2011 · Our new line has negative slope (it goes down as you scan from left to right) and goes through −2 on the y-axis. When you graph the 2 liness on the same axes, it looks like this: Note that if you reflect the blue graph (y = 3x + 2) in the x-axis, you get the green graph (y = −3x − 2) (as shown by the red arrows).
In the linear equation y = 4x + 13, if x is the number of hours a labourer is on work and y are his wages in rupees then draw the graph. Also find the wages when work is done for 6 hours. Use the slope and y-intercept to graph each equation below. The graph, if extended, will cross a letter. Print this letter in each box that contains the number of that exercise. - -3x-1 y=4x— ALGEBRA WITH PIZZAZZI 155 OBJECTIVE 5—j: To graph a line given its equation in slope-intercept form. C) Creative Publicattons 73

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In this video the tutor shows how to graph a straight line using the rise over run method. The rise over run trick allows you to graph a straight line as long as you have a starting point and a slope value in the form of a fraction. The first step is to graph the starting point. In the second step he states that the numerator of the slope is rise and the denominator of the slope is run. He ...
!Line L is drawn on the grid. ... Draw the graph y = 4x + 2 on the grid above. (2)!(b) Work out the gradient of the line y = 4x + 2 ... Jun 28, 2007 · where m: slope of the line, c: intercept. for L1, y = 4x + 7, m = 4, c = 7. two line are parallel if their slop is equal, so any line parallel to L1 will have the form. y = 4x + c (where c can take any value) Thus, L2: y = 4x -1, with m = 4 is parallel to L1. your third equation is same as 1st one, so they represent the same line.

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This is great because it shows how to graph a line using y = mx + b and can be quite useful for applications of linear equations. The Slope-Intercept Equation The equation y = mx + b is called the slope-intercept form of a line. The equation represents a line where m = slope b = y-intercept (0,b) Examples: 1. Graph the line. a) y = -1/2x + 3 b ...
Find an equation of the tangent line to the graph of the function at the given point. Finding a Tangent Line In math, we define a tangent line to a line that touches the function at only one point.18. Lee thinks ofa line represented by the equationy —4x ± 6. Which line on the graph below is •steeper than Lee’s line and • has ay-interceptthat has halfthe value of Lee’s line? ap bq 19. A line has ay-interceptof4 and a slope of—3, Which equation represents this line? a y4x±3 b y4x—3 c y4±3x (y43x • I)-2---6

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Use technology to make some graphs and determine how many times the graphs of the following curves cross each other. \(y={-4x^{3}-x^{2}+5x}\) and \(y={7x-4}\) intersect . zero times. one time. two times. three times. 4. Use technology to make some graphs and determine how many times the graphs of the following curves cross each other.
Ie. If a slope of a line is 5, then the slope of a line that is perpendicular to this one would be . (a slope of 5 can be written as , so you just change from a positive to a negative and then flip the fraction. 9. A line has slope . What would the slope of a line that is perpendicular to this one be? 10. A line has slope -2. If x=-8 , then y=-8 , and the tangent line passing through the point (-8, -8) has slope -1 . Click HERE to return to the list of problems. SOLUTION 15 : Since the equation x 2 - xy + y 2 = 3 represents an ellipse, the largest and smallest values of y will occur at the highest and lowest points of the ellipse.

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The slope m of this line - its steepness, or slant - can be calculated like this: m = change in y-value change in x-value. The equation of any straight line, called a linear equation, can be written as: y = mx + b, where m is the slope of the line and b is the y-intercept.
y = 4x - 2 This equation is in the slope-intercept form, y = mx + b, where m is the slope of the line and b is the y-intercept. Thus the slope is 4, which tells us that the y-value is increasing 4 ... Dec 28, 2020 · Line L. 10 ( pound5) dollars) 0. Graph the line that represents a proportional relationship between y and x with a unit rate 0. In the point (8, 40), we have x = 8 and y = 40. It would be a line that goes through the origin. Graph the table with the given numbers then answer. 4. 2. 1. 0) shows the cost is {manytext_bing}. 4.

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The graph of the equation y = 4 is a horizontal line 4 units x = −2 is a vertical line 2 units to STUDY TIP above the x-axis. the left of the y-axis. the left of the y-axis.
The graph of the new line is less steep than the graph of the original line, and the y-intercept has been translated up. ... Which graph best represents the solution set of y ≤ -4x. answer choices . Tags: Question 32 . SURVEY . 30 seconds . Q. Which graph best represents the solution set of y ≥ -7/2x - 2.In the linear equation y = 4x + 13, if x is the number of hours a labourer is on work and y are his wages in rupees then draw the graph. Also find the wages when work is done for 6 hours. asked Sep 15, 2018 in Class IX Maths by priya12 ( -12,630 points)

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exam Numerical Ability Question Solution - how do I find slope of a line parallel to the graph of each equation 1) y=4x+2 2) y+2/7x + 1
The graph of f intersects the line places between O and 3. 2 and a; 5 at two 1 g(3) — g(0) : answer f (t) dt . answer of 2 . reason Note: 1/2 if answer is 1 by M VT

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Example 1: Sketch the graph of the linear equation y = 4x + 12 by finding its x and y-intercepts Solution: We find the y-intercept by putting x = 0 and finding the corresponding y-value. y = 4x + 12 = 4(0) + 12 = 12 The y-intercept is the point (0,12) We find the x-intercept by putting y = 0 and finding the corresponding x-value.
Straight line graphs y = mx + c is an important real-life equation. The gradient, m, represents rate of change (eg, cost per concert ticket) and the y-intercept, c, represents a starting value (eg ...